Concealed floor spring

Concealed floor spring


Concealed floor spring

Internationally patented

Safety certified by UL.

CE marked, EN1154 & EN1634-1 Fire tested

Surpasses traditional floor hinges in terms of functions.

Maximum door opening angle 150° to both sides.

With hold open at 90°

Non hold open available.

Door closing efficiency at 70% or above.

Allows the door to be opened effortlessly and closed in a steady manner.

Can be easily and rapidly installed, without damaging the floor structure.

Maximum door width: 950mm

Suitable door thickness: ≧40mm

Concealed floor spring

Product specifications

Variable closing force Spring strength(EN) #3
Standard doors 950mm 100kg 893
  1250mm 150kg
Suitable door thickness(mm)
Body dimensions(mm) Length 181
   Height 56
   Thick 32
Angle of opening    150
Closing speed adjustable V
Braking speed adjustable V
Hold-open Without hold open O
   Hold open at 90°
Non-handed V
Guarantee / years 5years
V = yes     X = no     O = option  

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Concealed floor spring