Concealed floor spring

Concealed floor spring


Concealed floor spring

Internationally patented

Safety certified by UL

Conforms to the EN1154 quality standard of Europe.

Surpasses traditional floor hinges in terms of functions.

Maximum door opening angle 150° to both sides.

With hold open at 90°

Non hold open available.

Power Adjustable from size 3 to 5.

Door closing efficiency at 70% or above.

Allows the door to be opened effortlessly and closed in a steady manner.

Can be easily and rapidly installed, without damaging the floor structure.

Suitable door width: 950-1250 mm

Suitable door thickness: 10-15 mm

Concealed floor spring

Product specifications

Variable closing force  Spring strength(EN) #3~#5
 Standard doors  ≦950mm  ≦100kg 8835
  ≦1100mm ≦100kg 8835
  ≦1250mm ≦100kg 8835
Suitable door thickness(mm) 10~15
Body dimensions(mm) Length 250
  Height 80.5
  Projection 42
Angle of opening    150
Power adjustable by spring V
Sweep speed adjustable V
Latching speed adjustable V
Hold-open  Without hold open O
  Hold open at 90° V
Non-handed V
Guarantee / years   5years
V = yes     X = no     O = option

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Concealed floor spring



Concealed floor spring