Management guidelines

DORINT is devoted to the fire and smoke isolation design of fire protection systems and the safety and comfort of homes and offices.

We keep developing better door control hardware and endeavors to contribute to fire protection and environmental protection. In particular, DORINT aims to provide more accessible safety designs for the physically challenged, the elderly, and children. DORINT has hundreds of invention patents worldwide, which demonstrates DORINT’s strengths in product development.

Each product of DORINT undergoes a complete series of performance tests before shipment, the objective being to ensure that the products delivered to each customer are in perfect condition. Each product of DORINT is also marked with a traceability code that remains valid during the entire 2 to 30-year warranty period. From 1999 onward, DORINT has implemented quality assurance system management based on the BSI ISO9001 standard of the UK, and DORINT’s products have received safety and fire protection certifications from internationally well-known labs such as those of CE and EN (of the European Union), UL (of the USA), MPA (of Germany), and PSB (of Singapore).

Over the years, DORINT has secured a place in the global door control hardware industry due to its technical innovation and relentless pursuit of quality. In the future, DORINT’s products shall provide better and more comprehensive services for the safety and protection of human beings, with emphasis on environmental protection, energy conservation, intelligence, and humanity.

Quality policy

To enhance quality through continuous improvement so as to meet customers’ requirements for quality, cost, delivery date, and innovation.

Social responsibilities

  • Comply with the law and applicable regulations

  • Ensure the freedom of work

  • Prohibit discrimination

  • Provide reasonable salaries

  • Create a healthy environment

  • Ensure unobstructed channels of communication

  • Hold fast to ethical corporate management

  • Encourage social participation